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Running The Corporate Rapids

Running The Corporate Rapids

By, John R. Anderson-

The book focuses on the organizational and psychological ramifications
of transforming traditional corporate cultures into flexible, dynamic,
agile business enterprises.

What differentiates this work from that of previous publications is that it
is written from the perspective of someone that has been “in the trenches”
as both an operational CEO and a Business Consultant.

Previous attempts at “how to” books on this subject have dealt largely with
the structural/organizational aspects of this transformation and have not
effectively addressed the human behavioral component. In Re-engineering the
Corporation, Both Hammer and Champy have agreed that they missed the
significant component-the people.

This is the exact area that “Rapids” addresses. The book is a combination of
theory, tools and practical application formulas punctuated with anecdotal
stories from both operating and consulting experiences.


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