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Influence with Impact Creates Successful Companies

Influence with Impact Creates Successful Companies

Join The Glowan Consulting Group for a Webinar in our Smart Skills™ Series— Influence with Impact.

The Glowan Principals will explain what influential leadership is and how it helps leaders get their good ideas heard, accepted, and enacted. Leaders will learn influencing strategies and how to package ideas to gain the commitment of even the most skeptical co-workers and partners.

The Influence with Impact presentation prior to the live Webinar date (you will receive upon paid registration)

  • The latest influencing strategies and the importance of influential leadership during the live Webinar
  • A brief influencing self-assessment with results review follow-up post Webinar
  • Influencing tips delivered weekly to your inbox
  • An introduction to the Glowan Smart Skills™ program
  • A link to the Webinar archive for future viewing

What you will learn:

  • What influencing is and what it requires you get others to do
  • The importance of influencing and relationship building
  • The various kinds of influencing styles
  • Guidelines for influencing effectively
  • Understanding your global audience and cultural differences
  • And much more

You can also purchase the Entire Smart Skills Series (all six webinars), below, or click here for more information on the series.

This 45-minute content-packed Influence with Impact Webinar is only $149 for individuals, $599 for groups up to 5 people via a single phone line via speakerphone.


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