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High Level Communication Skills

High Level Communication Skills

Effectively Communicating Up, Down and Across Organizations

High Level Communications focuses on improving one's ability to communicate effectively in today's complex business environment

Many organizations operate "virtually" and therefore communication is even more difficult.

Topics such as barriers to effective communications, communications for managers and non-managers, developing effective listening skills and influence and persuasive communication are included.

What you will learn:

  • How to “value” dialog with direct reports as much as with superiors or peers.
  • How to avoid being distracted by attempting to multi-task when dealing with others below our level.
  • How to create “virtual eye contact” with co-workers over the telephone.
  • How to remain engaged when so many other things are vying for our time.
  • How to move a topic or conversation along so as not to waste time but still accomplish our objectives.
  • How to change our attitudes or environment in order to improve the quality of our communications.

Participants in the Webinar will receive presentation materials prior to the session and a link to a recording of the content.

You can also purchase the Entire Smart Skills Series (all six webinars), below, or click here for more information on the series.

This 45-minute content-packed Appreciative Inquiry Webinar is only $149 for individuals, $599 for groups up to 5 people via a single phone line via speakerphone.


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