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Discussion/Dialog Guides

Discussion/Dialog Guides

The Discussion/Dialog Guides are designed to facilitate key conversations and ongoing developmental dialog concerning the competencies profiled within each of the Five Personal Profiles.

We provide you with sample questions and concepts for discussions that can be used one-on-one with a direct report, work partner or other colleagues.

The Discussion Guides are intended to surface important issues without setting up the defensiveness that sometimes accompanies discussions around work performance or behavior.

By utilizing “open ended questions” the Guides assist the manager or learning partner in opening a constructive dialog resulting in agreements for actionable improvements in work performance and/or behavior. The Discussion Guides can also be utilized in a “Team” environment where everyone (including the team leader) completes a Personal Profile and shares their results with the team. These sessions can be accomplished with only the team present or in “mini-workshops” facilitated by a Glowan Coach

The Discussion/Dialog Guide is a companion product used with any of our five Personal Profiles.
(L3 LeaderView, Total Life LeaderView, Creating Collaborative Advantage, Cultivating The Best Place To Work, and Global LeaderView.

Benefits of the Discussion and Dialog Guide

Increased productivity by developing a coaching culture and providing specific support and feedback to individuals desirous of improving their leadership skills and capacity.

Individuals embracing the concept will experience:

Increased leadership capacity with team members by providing 360 feedback and coaching

Increased accountability and responsibility by team members for results

Willingness of individuals to take the lead with high level follow-thru

Collaborative advantage while leading with others


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