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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

Learning the power of Positive Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a technique for deliberately seeking to discover people’s exceptionality — their unique gifts, strengths and qualities.  

AI offers an alternative to the problem solving approach that dominates most organizations today.

It actively searches and recognizes people for their specialties — their essential contributions and achievements.  AI focuses on what is already working within an organization and why it works in order to build from strengths that already exist but may be hidden from view.  

AI looks at what could be “right” and what may be possible in any given situation.

What you will learn:

  • Differentiate between problem solving and Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Learn how to ask appreciative questions.
  • Appreciate how the strength and potential of your organization can flow from your personal stories and imaginations.
  • Transform people and their organizations into more positive, productive systems.
  • Learn to vision, dream and create the culture, atmosphere and every-day work environment you desire.

Participants in the Webinar will receive presentation materials prior to the session and a link to a recording of the content.

This 45-minute content-packed Appreciative Inquiry Webinar is only $149 for individuals, $599 for groups up to 5 people via a single phone line via speakerphone. 

You can also purchase the Entire Smart Skills Series (all six webinars), below, or click here for more information on the series. 


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