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The Best Place To Work Profile and Plan

The Best Place To Work Profile and Plan

Assess: Provides profile of current success and challenges

Plan: A well defined plan and road map to success

Act: Action to milestones and results

The Best Place To Work has these three attributes: Trust, Credibility,and Employee Engagement

Any organization, department or team can create the cultural elements required for a Best Place To Work. Our approach is based on the premise that individuals who manage their lives well, create the best teams, and build the strongest organizations.

In order for this to manifest itself in a given work group or organization, a number of key best practices must be in place. The profile provides an initial assessment of 40 best practices of a Best Place To Work.

Best practices of the Best Places To Work:

• Organization: Policies and cultural factors
• Leadership and management practices
• Work teams/project teams practices and cultural factors
• Individual contributor behaviors and skills

Self scoring and Action Planning Guide.

Optional Discussion Guide
Optional Tele-coaching sessions

The Planning Guide provides a template and framework for identifying gaps, and action steps at each of the four levels of best practices for achieving the Best Place To Work.

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